APCA- France


The Permanent Assembly of the Chambers of Agriculture (APCA), created in1935 ensures a representative role at national level and a role as head of the network of the 115 departmental and regional Chambers of Agriculture in France. APCA employs 200 members of staff and all of the French Chambers of Agriculture together has 8000 employees. Resolia, a service of APCA, is a training agency for managers and professionals from agricultural and rural development organisations (6000 people trained in 2013, 5000 from the Chambers of Agriculture and circa 14 000 days of training). One of APCA-Resolia’s main activities is to support the development of skills for technical advising in order to integrate strategy into the advising of farmers. This support takes place through advising and coaching which adds to and complements the traditional vocational training. ACPA-Resolia is Key Partner for all pedagogical/training content throughout the project: coordination, outputs, dissemination & elaboration with 35 years experience in pedagogy & training for advisers in agriculture. APCA-Resolia will assess the consistency between tools to elaborate a training session instrategy; and develop methodologies to reinforce coaching attitude by staff-trainers and advisers. APCA-Resolia has a 15 years experience in the organisation of training sessions on strategy and management, and belongs to a French network of partners developing various management tools such as “Advisers Vademecum” (INRA), “PERFEA” (SupAgro Florac) and “Comprendre y voir clair”, which is a management tool tested on more than 250 advisers since it creation in 2006 and the one to be transferred in this project.

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SupAgro Florac – France


The national public Centre for Educational Experimentation (Florac CEP) of the Ministry of Agriculture was established in 1970. In 2006, Florac CEP, AgroM, CNEARC and ENSIA-SIARC joined together to create the large institution: SupAgro, echoing the current trend of agricultural education and continuing its innovative approach in a broader context. Its objective is to support the evolution of agricultural education through vocational training of teaching staff. SupAgro provides initial training in Florac (engineering students, professional college diplomas) and continuous training through the National System of Support to Education in the field of agriculture (SNA). Internships for agricultural college teachers are organised in Florac or elsewhere, on the themes broached by the Institute, and according to national teaching sources of reference.
Its team also travels in all France to provide support locally when needed.
Having participated in the research and action to develop the PerfEA toll, Nathalie Bletterie is now in charge of the national training on strategic support using the PerfEA method. Agricultural college teachers, representatives from the French Ministry of Agriculture and agricultural advisers from the Chambers of agriculture all participate in these training sessions.

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SEGES -Denmark


SEGES is the merger of the former Knowledge Centre for Agriculture and the Danish Pig Research Centre, effective as per 1 January 2015. It is a limited partnership company and the main supplier of professional knowledge for the agricultural professions. They work within all areas of farming. From the overall agricultural subjects within plant production and animal husbandry to finance, tax, law, IT, landscape architecture, accounting, human resources, education, environment and nature conservation. This is done in close cooperation with universities, ministries and professional and industrial bodies. SEGES is working internationally – and its international engagement takes place through a variety of channels. They collaborate on projects and in partnerships with universities, organisations and companies worldwide. They do this to ensure Danish food producers access to the very latest research and trial results and to promote Danish models for ethical and sustainable production. SEGES also serves foreign customers. The main purpose of the project for them is to help the farmers and others to make better decisions with focus on risk management.

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Academy of Learning – England

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Private training organisation the Academy of Learning Ltd. delivers formal qualifications to 400 people a year. These qualifications are mainly in leadership and Management to support key decision-makers within small and medium sized organisations. This partner has strong links with networks to which the results of the project will be disseminated: Rural Development groups, Mentoring Forums, Further Education, Federations of Small Businesses, research organisations and holds a database of over 3500 rural businesses. Their core business is to provide training and development solutions for management and personal development. In addition, we offer strategic and operational project management to ensure the implementation of development programmes is effective. As a result of their extensive work with the European Commission they have developed effective solutions combining the traditional with the innovative, ensuring solutions proposed meet individual and organisational needs.

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EFA Galicia – Spain


It is an institution founded in 1971 to promote vocational training in rural areas, with priorities to support the development of its territories by the animation and technical assistance to professionals and small businesses of the rural economy. EFA supports a programme in which vocational training is a structural axis of operations. EFA takes an active part in the training of business leaders, families of students, and other professionals in rural areas. EFA centres are integrated vocational training centres authorized to impart formal, occupational and continuing education. EFA delivers 5 certificates in vocational training recognised by the EU: Activities auxiliary to agriculture and horticulture, and community and health services, trade and marketing, administrative management activities, in continuous education through existing skills in occupational training. EFA training centres are part of the national FORTEC Network (continuous training education centres).

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TUC – Greece


The Technical University of Crete was established in 1977. It is located in Chania, Crete and comprises 5 academic engineering departments, 57 laboratories with excellent equipment and specialized staff members and 125 faculty staff members with international academic careers.
Decision Support Systems Laboratory (ERGASYA) is with the department of Production & Management Engineering (DPEM), division of Engineering Management. It was founded in 1990 and its main goals are to accomplish students’ education & training in the various decision support systems (DSS) fields and to promote research in the field of intelligent decision making & integration of information technology in decision aiding issues. The Laboratory members include 4 academic staff, 3 lab members and 20 research fellows. ERGASYA has also developed in-house software that has been used in real-world applications such as MARKEX, MUSA, MINORA, Agent Allocator, MarketS, UTARec etc.
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AC3A – France


AC3A is an Interregional association of 27 Chambers of Agriculture in west of France localised in Poitiers. AC3A is involved in Strat-Training as the organisation which developed and trained 175 French advisors with a methodology called AVEC® and built the method ‘Comprendre y voir clair..” (2000) become Clear Vision in New Advisors project (Leonardo 2011/20102).
To test the learning advisor on the AVEC® method, AC3A has a 300 farms network where learning advisors used the method and established with the deciders a “enterprise’s strategy” for the next 10/15 years regarding the context situation, the needs of actual and potential customers and their own decision making system.
In Strat-Training AC3A is the coordinator and help all the partnership with in EU project background and through its previous experience with all the partners. AC3A will assure all the administrative monitoring and reporting for Resolia.
AC3A is the author of “Agriculture and Complexity” (AC3A 2008) about the changing context where agriculture and VSE are confronted with the necessity to define a strategy without precised and clear indicators (Leonardo Transfair 2007/2008).

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