Meetings and Events

The consortium held 6 transnational meetings in total. The main activities of these meetings are:

  • Paris, France, December 2013
    • Building the partnership: The meeting was run using participatory methods, including a field visit case study. Read more.
    • Training of trainers (transfer): 15 partner staff taught each other the tools.
    • Reflecting on the training: Complementarities were identified between the tools
    • Before the next meeting: Completing the transfer: training others back in each organisation in local languages.
  • Santiago, Spain, March 2014
    • Feeding back from the transfer: Partners explain their own appropriation of the tools.
    • Preparing the pilot sites: Partners developed a process for the pilot sites, including what material is needed.
    • Before the next meeting: Trained trainers and advisers will apply the tool box when working with VSEs (Very Small Enterprise) as pilot testing (adapting to local context where necessary).
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2014
    • The pilot sites are running: Partners shared their experiences of testing the tools giving concrete examples.
    • Finalising the transfer: Workshops and one-to-one sessions took place run to finish the transfer of the methods and discover new complementary methods.
    • Dissemination plan: Developing a dissemination plan for project activities.
  • Chania, Greece, November 2014
    • National event : Greek national representatives and regional authorities attended a presentation of the work of 6 pilot sites run by Greek students.
    • Closing the transfer and beginning the evaluation of the pilot sites.
    • Working on the final tool- mobilisation and marketing, how to make people interested in this training?
    • Reviewing dissemination activities.
    • Building the final training programmes adapted to each local context.
  • Harlow, UK, March 2015
    • Partners presented the deliverables, the final training programmes to local actors. They also prepared the final closing conference in Paris.
  • Closing conference in Paris, France