The pedagogical guide

“Advising farms: Tools for training in Strategy”

This pubThe pedagogical guidelication has been produced by the partnership. It gathers pedagogical information on the main tools shared and transferred during the STRAT-Training project. The aim is that it can be used by teachers and trainers of farms and rural VSEs, and used to build their own training content, depending on their needs and context.

You can also download:

The Mobilisation Guide

“Mobilisation tool, STRAT-Training Project”

This publication explains how to put together a strategy for engaging users of Strategic Tools. How to draw people to this training, how to engage them over a period of time, how to show the necessity of Strategy.

The Skills profile book

“Trainer and Advisor Skills to apply the Tool Box”

Trainers and advisors need specific skills to apply the Tool Box presented in the Pedagogical Guide (above). When an adviser works with a VSE manager, he must be able to adapt so as to define, develop and employ the right tools for a particular issue. This books sets out the necessary skills.