4th STRAT-Training transnational meeting in Chania

IMG_0011The 4th STRAT-Training transnational meeting was held in Chania, Crete, by the Technical University of Crete (TUC- partner of the consortium). It took place on the 3rd-6th November 2014 and was hosted in partnership with Chania’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The meeting was divided into 3 sessions:

  • a public session on the EU CAP priorities and the current situation of Greek agriculture presented by Dimitrios Melas, general secretary of agricultural policy and international relations from the Rural development and Food Ministry of Greece and Nikolaos Giannoylis, member of the Regional Unit of Chania for subjects related to the primary sector. This official session was important in order to present the aims of the project and the LEONARDO programme, and how this fits into both the Greek and European context. The project was presented by the lead partner and the representative members of the consortium.
  • a presentation of the STRAT-Training pilot implementation in Greece (Work Package 2 Result N°5) by 6 post graduate students under the responsibility of the TUC university- Nikolaos Matsatsinis, and celebrating 30 years of excellence (1984/2014) of the institution.
  • a workshop on ending Work Package 2 and preparing Work Package 3 on the dissemination of the deliverables of the project and preparing the next transnational meeting in the UK in March.

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