Danish advisers find out first-hand about French advisory in agriculture


On the 7th and 8th October, 32 agricultural advisers from Denmark went to Rennes in France to meet a group of their French counterparts. They were there to share their experiences and methods on strategic agricultural advisory.

The advisers spent 2 days together, including visiting the Gaec des Hautes Marettes- a nearby group of farms which has multiple productions and are constantly working on improving their performance and techniques.

Both the Danish and French advisers were able to draw a valuable experience from this event. For example, the Danish advisers remarked that they didn’t have many tools and techniques for tackling farms with several diverse productions and activities, and the French advisers realised that elements such as economics and the ‘farmer as a manager’ were often lacking from their advice.

Throughout the project there will be several visits and exchanges where advisers can ask questions and get first-hand information about how advisory in agriculture, and especially strategy, innovation and sustainable development, is structured and carried out in other European countries.

Two articles appeared in the press about this event (in French): article1, article2.


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