Partners’ meeting in Copenhagen


The partners of STRAT-Training project are meeting together this week in Copenhagen, hosted by the partner DAAS, in the National Headquarters of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

There is a lot of work to do but the exchange is offering a wealth of learning opportunities.

The training of the members of the project on the main tools  is coming to an end, but the meeting gives the group the opportunity to discover new ones too. The Technical University of Crete has presented the tools: the MARKEX Methodology and System to support the decision-maker in the various phases of new product development process, the MUSA Method to measure customer satisfaction and a Skills Evaluator.

DAAS has presented Dynamic Strategy, a method which is used by almost all the advisers in Denmark working on the strategy of farms, as well as the Trump Cards, which is a light and creative way for an adviser to think about his/her own skills and competencies.

It has also been the chance to talk about the situation of agriculture in Denmark, and particularly about the situation of the advisory system. The partners have been pleased to welcome representatives from the Danish advisory system and share experiences with them.

The partners have enjoyed working in a European team and continuing to build bridges between the various national contexts and cultures. They will leave at the end of the week with even more motivation to apply the project’s method and achieve its goals.

Next stop: Chania, Crete, in November.


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